Data Transfer Accelerator

Data Transfer Accelerator 3.04

This app can accelerate reading or writing data to/ from the External HDD
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This program claims to accelerate the transfer of files from and to an external hard drive up to two times faster. It would be a nice idea. Unfortunately, I couldn't check if this is true or not, since the program is not compatible with Windows 10. This is a problem, since most of the PCs in the world now have this operative system installed.

The program has a very simple and intuitive interface with only the basic buttons. In theory, you can choose between two transfer speeds, Normal, and Turbo. (By the way, what is the point in giving an option to transfer at normal speed when the program is an accelerator?). Another thing that does not make sense to me is that the only setting you can control with the corresponding button is the language of the interface. Then why call them "settings" in plural? With this option, you can choose between 8 different languages, such as Chinese, Japanese, French, Italian, and more.

In sum, given that the program is not compatible with Windows 10, and that the external hard drives are less and less used due to the cloud services, in my opinion. this program has a very limited usefulness.

Victor Hernandez
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  • The program is free to download and use


  • The program is not compatible with Windows 10
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